Construction Litigation

Construction Litigation

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At Reed Leeper, P.C., our experienced construction litigation attorneys in Marietta offer comprehensive legal services to individuals and businesses in the construction industry. We excel in handling construction disputes, materialmen’s lien claims, defense against construction-related legal actions, and all aspects of construction litigation. Whether you need support before, during, or after your project, we provide top-notch legal services at affordable rates, ensuring your confidence from start to finish.

Commercial Collection

Do you have unpaid invoices for work you’ve done, but haven’t received payment for? Struggling to collect a judgment in your favor? We understand the challenges you’re facing, and that’s where a commercial collection lawyer comes in. Our skilled attorneys can help you efficiently recover the debt with a proactive approach, ensuring you don’t get left out in the cold while others profit.

Debt & Judgement Collections

If you have clients or individuals who owe you money for the services you’ve provided, it’s your right to receive payment under Georgia law. However, collecting what’s owed can sometimes become a challenging process. That’s when it’s wise to think about enlisting the services of a debt and judgment collection attorney based in Marietta. We can file a debt collections lawsuit and work to recover your losses, making the process smoother for you.

Key Services

Under Georgia law, the holder of the judgment has power to enforce the judgment. Enforcing a money judgment can be the hardest part of debt collections.

Initiating Collection Action: A debt collection lawyer can initiate the process of collecting on a judgment on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

Enforcing Judgments: Our lawyers are adept at enforcing money judgments, which can often be the most challenging part of debt collections. This includes seizing property or money from the debtor to settle the debt.

Negotiating Settlements: If the debtor is unable to fully pay the debt, a debt collection lawyer can negotiate a settlement on your behalf. This might include payment plans or reduced lump sum payments.

Filing Lawsuits: In cases where the debtor refuses to pay, a debt collection lawyer can help you file a lawsuit to enforce payment. This can lead to a court judgment against the debtor, which can then be enforced by law.

Asset Discovery: A debt collection lawyer can conduct investigations to uncover any hidden assets of the debtor, thereby increasing the chances of recovering what you’re owed.

Construction Liens

A lien is a legal claim against someone’s property that can be used as collateral to pay a debt. It can be applied to various assets, including houses and cars. However, a construction lien, also known as a mechanic lien, serves a specific purpose. It comes into play when a property owner fails to pay a contractor for work done on their property. What sets it apart from other liens is that it can only be attached to the property where the work was completed, not the homeowner’s other assets.

It’s important to note that filing a claim of lien doesn’t guarantee that an architect, contractor, sub-contractor, supplier, or materialman will automatically receive payment. While most property owners aim to avoid an encumbrance on their property, others, especially those with no intention of selling, may not be motivated to resolve the issue.

We can assist your business in navigating the process of “perfecting” a lien through a lawsuit or arbitration to enforce it. It’s crucial to act swiftly because you have a 365-day window from the date of the original filing. Delaying action can lead to deadline complications, particularly in complex cases that require gathering evidence from various sources to support your claim.

Materialmen’s Lien Claims and Defense

Under Georgia law, you have the right to make a claim when you aren’t compensated for your work, typically done by placing a materialmen’s lien on the property. Materialmen’s lien litigation deals with intricate issues and strict procedural limits, making it crucial to seek guidance from a legal professional to navigate the complex process without making errors.

Filing a materialmen’s lien incorrectly could render it invalid, leaving you unable to recover your incurred losses. Whether you’re placing a lien on a property or contesting a pre-existing one, we can assist you throughout the legal process. At Reed Leeper, P.C., we can help you properly establish a materialmen’s lien, and we’re also here to defend you if you’re facing a challenge from another party with a perfected lien.

We Represent

We take pride in representing a diverse clientele within the construction industry and related sectors. Our firm is dedicated to advocating for construction companies, which includes contractors and subcontractors, offering unwavering legal support tailored to their specific needs and challenges. Furthermore, we provide assistance to developers, helping them navigate the complexities of construction disputes and legal matters. Banks and financial institutions can confidently rely on our expertise to safeguard their interests in construction-related transactions and disputes. We also extend our legal services to a wide range of businesses, including corporations, franchisees, distributors, dealerships, and real estate companies, ensuring they receive customized legal solutions that align with their unique circumstances and objectives.

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Residential Collections

If you’re unsure about what to do after winning a judgment in your favor, we’re here to guide you through the necessary steps. We’ll help you understand the sequence of events that must unfold and how to professionally present your claim to maximize your recovery or settlement. We’re with you every step of the way, from gathering evidence and making a formal demand to meticulously building your case. We’ll provide a clear understanding of how to avoid having your filing invalidated, and we’ll support you through the litigation process to achieve a final judgment. Under Georgia law, a lien is then placed on all real estate owned by the debtor, a complex procedure that prevents the sale or refinancing of the property until the judgment is paid in full.

Residential Litigation

When dealing with intricate legal issues, we offer comprehensive support that includes drafting demand letters, analyzing and preparing claims, and representing your interests in mortgage lender disputes. Our objective is to ensure the protection of your rights and interests throughout the process.

If you possess a judgment for a consumer debt in Georgia or require assistance transferring a judgment to initiate the debt collection process, Reed Leeper, P.C. is at your service. We will walk you through the necessary steps and employ proven methods to help you recover your investment, with a track record of delivering positive outcomes.


If you’re in the construction or real estate industry, having a construction litigation attorney by your side is essential to safeguard your interests in all your transactions. While legal counsel and contract reviews can go a long way in preventing issues, they may not entirely eliminate the possibility of disputes.

Lien Foreclosure

When embarking on a project, whether it’s for a commercial or residential property, you anticipate that all parties involved will uphold their part of the agreement. Unfortunately, even when contracts are in writing, they aren’t always honored by everyone involved. If you’re facing payment delays or non-payment and need to take action, we can offer you valuable guidance and legal representation.

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Reed Leeper, P.C. is your trusted source for experienced attorneys who understand the law and prioritize your specific business or personal needs. We’re here to protect your best interests, whether you’re facing a legal issue or seeking to prevent one. Don’t go through your case alone; our team at Reed Leeper, P.C. is ready to assist you.

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