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At Reed Leeper, P.C., our lawyers have provided counsel to numerous business owners over the years, aiding both small and large enterprises in forming, dissolving, and litigating their business interests within Cobb County. Furthermore, our commercial litigation attorneys can support your endeavors to expand your existing business operations by facilitating the acquisition of the stock or assets of other businesses.


Business formation is a crucial step when launching a new venture. The selection of the entity and the manner in which it’s established can lead to significant legal and financial ramifications if not executed correctly and thoroughly. Right from the beginning, our business litigation attorneys are here to assist you in choosing and establishing the most suitable business entity to safeguard your business interests and assets, ensuring proper protection even before commencing operations. We specialize in helping you create the business entity that offers the best protection for you.


When considering a business partnership, it’s crucial to understand that forming one requires careful consideration and the guidance of experienced legal professionals. Partnerships come in different forms, such as general partnerships, limited partnerships, or limited liability partnerships, each with its distinct legal implications. Our seasoned attorneys can assist you in selecting the most suitable partnership structure, drafting the necessary agreements, and ensuring the protection of your business interests and assets. We are committed to helping you establish a partnership that aligns with your goals and safeguards your rights from the outset.

Limited Liability

Choosing a limited liability structure, such as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), can offer protection for your personal assets while providing flexibility in management and taxation. Our legal team is well-versed in the complexities of limited liability entities and can guide you through the formation and operation of such structures. We’ll help you make informed decisions regarding your business entity, ensuring that you benefit from the liability protection while complying with legal requirements. With our expertise, you can establish a limited liability business that offers you peace of mind.


A joint venture (JV) is a collaborative business partnership involving two or more entities, typically established for a specific project or endeavor. Businesses opt for joint ventures to pool resources, leverage collective expertise, and achieve cost savings. In the context of a joint venture, all participating entities jointly manage, share profits, and distribute losses as outlined in the JV agreement.

There are two primary methods to establish a joint venture. The first approach involves creating a separate business entity in which the owners contribute their assets, hold equity, and collectively decide on the entity’s management structure. Alternatively, entities can remain separate while operating under a formal agreement.

While joint ventures can be initiated through informal handshake agreements, it is essential to have a written contract that outlines crucial details. This contract should clearly define the purpose of the joint venture, the mechanisms for profit and loss sharing among entities, and the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in decision-making. Having such documentation in place is critical for clarity and legal protection.


When considering the formation of a corporation for your business, it’s essential to recognize that corporations are distinct legal entities with their unique set of regulations and requirements. Whether you’re looking to establish a C corporation or an S corporation, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to facilitate the process. We’ll assist you in selecting the most suitable corporate structure, preparing the necessary documentation, and ensuring that you meet all compliance standards. Our goal is to help you create a corporation that not only aligns with your business objectives but also offers strong liability protection and sound governance practices from day one.

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Sometimes, individuals and businesses find themselves entangled in disputes with their business partners, members, or shareholders. Despite their best efforts to reach amicable resolutions, litigation or arbitration may become unavoidable. Our team of business litigation lawyers possesses extensive experience in representing individuals and companies, both in prosecuting and defending actions against their partners, members, and shareholders. We work closely with our clients to formulate cost-effective strategies for resolving these business disputes and achieving closure, enabling them to refocus on their lives and careers. We understand the stress and anxiety that can accompany such disputes. Our Marietta-based business litigation lawyers are dedicated to working tirelessly on your behalf, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters in life.

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