How Often Do Tire Blowouts Cause Accidents?

While not often considered a major cause of motor vehicle accidents, tire blowouts do happen and can result in serious consequences. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) reported that in 2021, 622 people lost their lives in tire-related crashes.

It’s important to recognize that tire maintenance should never be overlooked, as neglecting to properly care for tires can lead to deadly consequences on the road. Keep reading to learn more tips on how to take care of your tires and avoid blowouts.

What Causes Car Tires to Blow Out?

Tire blowouts can occur for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s due to over-inflated or under-inflated tires, uneven tread wear, or overloaded vehicles, there are many factors that can contribute to a tire’s failure.

Additionally, running at high speeds, using tires that are past their expiry date, or failing to follow the specifications printed on the sidewalls of the tire can also increase the risk of blowout. By understanding the various causes of tire blowouts, drivers can take steps to prevent these incidents from occurring and help ensure their safety on the road.

5 Tips to Avoid Tire Blowouts

1. Check Your Tires

Before leaving for any trip or errand, it is important to take a moment and visually inspect your car’s tires. A quick walk around the vehicle can reveal any noticeable abnormalities such as cracks, bulges, or tears in the tire. Regularly checking your tires in this way can prevent potential safety hazards and ensure a smoother, safer ride.

2. Slow Down When Cornering

Driving at the right speed can save you from the risk of a tire blowout. Cornering is the measurement of force exerted on a vehicle’s center of gravity. When a vehicle is traveling at high speed, cornering can cause the tire wall to be under heavy load. This can increase the risk of a tire blowout which can be dangerous for everyone on the road.

Therefore, it is important to drive at the right speed to avoid such a situation. Driving within the recommended speed limit can reduce the risk of damaging your tires and save money on repairs.

3. Purchase Quality Tires

It’s crucial to invest in quality tires for your vehicle, especially for the two front wheels. These two tires are the same size and wear evenly, making them more susceptible to wear and tear. If you ever notice uneven tread wear, it’s a sign that your wheels are not aligned properly, or your tires need to be rotated. Regular maintenance will help to prolong the lifespan of your tires and keep you safe on the road.

4. Check Your Tire Pressure

Maintaining proper tire pressure is important for safe driving. It’s recommended to periodically inflate car tires, including the spare, to the standard pressure. When tires are under inflated, the increased friction surface can quickly heat up the tire wall, putting the car at greater risk of an explosion while driving at high speeds.

In contrast, too much pressure can cause the tire to bulge, increase wear in the middle part of the tire and increase the risk of a blowout, especially in sunny weather or under heavy loads. By regularly checking and adjusting tire pressure, you can ensure their safety on the road.

5. Avoid Overloading Your Vehicle

It’s important to follow the weight limit recommendations provided by the manufacturer for your vehicle. By doing this, you can avoid overloading your car and potentially damaging the wheels or having tire blowouts.

Tips to avoid overloading your vehicle include:

  • Look at your car tire’s maximum weight rating
  • Put the heaviest items in the middle of your car
  • Spread weight symmetrically
  • Use a moving service if you have many items

Keeping a close eye on the weight limits for your vehicle will not only help you avoid these issues, but it will also ensure the safety of you and your passengers while driving.

Properly maintaining your car’s tires is crucial to avoid blowouts on the road. However, not everyone shares the same level of care, and accidents can happen due to someone’s negligence.

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