Why Are Women Injured More in Car Accidents?

Despite popular belief, men and women are not equally susceptible to injury in car accidents. In fact, according to Verity Now, a US-based campaign group striving for equity in vehicle safety, women are significantly more vulnerable than men.

Shockingly, women are 73% more likely to be injured and 17% more likely to die in a car crash. These statistics highlight the importance of ensuring that vehicle safety takes into account the unique physiological differences between men and women.

Why Women Are More Susceptible to Car Accident Injuries?

The safety of female drivers is often overlooked in car safety tests due to the lack of representation of female test dummiesAlthough regulations only require the use of “male” dummies in safety tests, the absence of female dummies modeled after the average female body can result in inadequate safety measures designed to protect women.

In addition, men typically drive larger and heavier vehicles and are more prone to causing front-to-rear crashes. On the other hand, women frequently choose smaller and lighter cars, making them more likely to be in the struck vehicle during side-impact and front-into-rear collisions. Unfortunately, if you’re the driver of the struck vehicle, you’re at a higher risk of injury, regardless of gender.

Why Are There No Female Crash Test Dummies?

Vehicle safety research in both the United States and the European Union rely heavily on crash test dummies originally designed in the 1970s, which were modeled after the average male body at that time. However, as the average body size and shape have changed over the years, these dummies may not accurately reflect the diversity of drivers on the road today.

In response, Swedish engineer Astrid Linder has taken up the challenge of creating the first prototype of a crash test dummy modeled after the average female body. This development could lead to more accurate and comprehensive safety research that takes into account the unique physical attributes of women, ultimately creating safer vehicles for everyone.

Changes to Crash Test Dummies

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) has conducted research and found that certain demographic groups are at greater risk of injury or death in crashes. Specifically, females are at a higher risk of death and certain types of injury, such as to the lower legs, compared to males in crashes with similar conditions.

In addition, older vehicle occupants also face greater risks than younger occupants, and those with a higher body mass index have some increased risks. The NHTSA has agreed with recommendations to develop a plan addressing limitations in the information provided by dummies and setting milestones to respond to risks.

Enlist the Help of a Car Accident Lawyer

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